Monday, September 12, 2016

Buying Food Online - Jet Delivery, Bread, Subway, and Ice Cream

Because I can't easily get to a supermarket, I'm constantly looking for options for online orders.

I've been waiting for a package from so I can make bread. I'm really looking forward to that. Unfortunately I've been waiting a long time because my 2-day order has had a setback. Apparently something was ruined in transit and it has turned into a 5-day order. I hope it wasn't the olive oil.

Here's what I ordered: organic flour, organic olive oil, organic sugar, yeast, salt (all that is for baking bread) plus a few other items.

I had to go buy a Subway sandwich to tide me over for the weekend. Yes, there's a Subway nearby, but no supermarket, and I don't want to eat a steady diet of only fast food or junk food. Anyhow, one Subway sandwich will suffice for dinner for two days.

At Subway, I always buy the vegeburger option on Italian bread, with jalapeno cheese, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and bell peppers. I ask for the two halves to be wrapped separately, as this is for two separate dinners. (I live alone, so I can do this.) At home, I fry the vegeburger in butter, and add mayo and organic mustard.

They will sell me a plain loaf of bread for about $1.50 if I want extra for a different meal.

Anyhow, today I looked for "cream online" and instead found this amazing site: Ice Cream Source - where they offer delivery of ice cream, guaranteed delivered frozen. This I have to see.

Food delivery and ordering options are among the most challenging issues when living without a car.

Finding cream for my coffee is difficult... the only source I've found so far is Full Circle, an organic food delivery service in four west coast states. I love their deliveries but this service is a bit pricey and I don't like how the weekly deliveries are automatic if you don't remember to put them on hold.

UPDATE: It seems the damaged package is being returned to them rather than delivered to me. I am so upset by this. It is 2+1/2 miles to get to the store, taking one hour on the bicycle, each direction. I don't want to spend my whole afternoon on a bicycle journey. They are giving me a refund and a six dollar credit on my account for the inconvenience. I guess for today, more Subway. Or maybe I'll order a pizza.

I will add, my first order came in perfect condition and on time. I wish it could be that way every time, but life is unpredictable.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I made a third order from to try to get my bread making supplies. It should arrive Wednesday - exactly one week after I made the other order.

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