Monday, September 12, 2016

Buying Food Online - Jet Delivery, Bread, Subway, and Ice Cream

Because I can't easily get to a supermarket, I'm constantly looking for options for online orders.

I've been waiting for a package from so I can make bread. I'm really looking forward to that. Unfortunately I've been waiting a long time because my 2-day order has had a setback. Apparently something was ruined in transit and it has turned into a 5-day order. I hope it wasn't the olive oil.

Here's what I ordered: organic flour, organic olive oil, organic sugar, yeast, salt (all that is for baking bread) plus a few other items.

I had to go buy a Subway sandwich to tide me over for the weekend. Yes, there's a Subway nearby, but no supermarket, and I don't want to eat a steady diet of only fast food or junk food. Anyhow, one Subway sandwich will suffice for dinner for two days.

At Subway, I always buy the vegeburger option on Italian bread, with jalapeno cheese, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and bell peppers. I ask for the two halves to be wrapped separately, as this is for two separate dinners. (I live alone, so I can do this.) At home, I fry the vegeburger in butter, and add mayo and organic mustard.

They will sell me a plain loaf of bread for about $1.50 if I want extra for a different meal.

Anyhow, today I looked for "cream online" and instead found this amazing site: Ice Cream Source - where they offer delivery of ice cream, guaranteed delivered frozen. This I have to see.

Food delivery and ordering options are among the most challenging issues when living without a car.

Finding cream for my coffee is difficult... the only source I've found so far is Full Circle, an organic food delivery service in four west coast states. I love their deliveries but this service is a bit pricey and I don't like how the weekly deliveries are automatic if you don't remember to put them on hold.

UPDATE: It seems the damaged package is being returned to them rather than delivered to me. I am so upset by this. It is 2+1/2 miles to get to the store, taking one hour on the bicycle, each direction. I don't want to spend my whole afternoon on a bicycle journey. They are giving me a refund and a six dollar credit on my account for the inconvenience. I guess for today, more Subway. Or maybe I'll order a pizza.

I will add, my first order came in perfect condition and on time. I wish it could be that way every time, but life is unpredictable.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I made a third order from to try to get my bread making supplies. It should arrive Wednesday - exactly one week after I made the other order.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Daydream About Traveling - Wyoming Version

I often daydream about travel, plotting out tours I'd like to take someday when I get a car again. Here's a tour of the top ten tourist destinations in Wyoming.

A woman can dream, can't she? This tour is about 1630 miles by car but only 1529 if I walk it.

Another thing I do to distract me from my isolation is ... read. I love to read. Right now I'm listening to an audiobook version of The Virginian by Owen Wister. It was originally published in 1902 and is said to be the first "Western" novel. The TV show of the same name was based on this novel. I find it to be amusing with lots of dusty testosterone. And horses.

The reason I started looking for Wyoming tourist attractions was because The Virginian is set in Wyoming. I decided to find some YouTube videos with views of Wyoming to illustrate the novel I'm listening to.

This video has some awesome information about Wyoming and South Dakota.